Flavours of boysenberry and bittersweet chocolate dominate when describing this Chilian classic, Secret Carmenere of the Secret Colchagua Valley. This one leads to a long rich finish. The Shiraz from Shoofly, hails from the Adelaide hills. Friendly on the palate it exhibits a nose of violets, plums, and blueberry. It has a ripe flavor with a smooth finish. El Coto de Rioja Crianza, is moderately dense dark red in colour. Ripe strawberry and raspberry nose with a note of vanillia. Palate is smooth, balanced, fresh, dry and clean.

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Celler des Capcanes

Capçanes, a village hidden away in the Priorato hills inland from Tarragona has a long wine growing history.  Following phyloxera, one fifth of the area was replanted, mostly with Garnacha.  Some vineyards are almost 100 years old today, although yields are low.  In 1933 five families from the village established Celler de Capçanes.  In 1995 in a mirror image of activities just down the road in Priorat D.O. the growers realised the quality of their grapes, and made further investments in the winery.

Today at Capçanes two winemakers combine their talents.  Angel Texido, the most experienced winemaker in the winery, is also in charge of viticulture.  Jürgen Wagner, who studied at Geisenheim and University of Tarragona, brings his experience to composing and styling the blends.  This is a dynamic winery producing exciting wines.

Celler de Capcanes - Mas Donis h190 Celler de Capcanes - Mas Collet Barrica h190  Celler de Capcanes - Costers del Gravet h190
Mas Donis Mas Collet Barrica “Costers del Gravet”

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