Flavours of boysenberry and bittersweet chocolate dominate when describing this Chilian classic, Secret Carmenere of the Secret Colchagua Valley. This one leads to a long rich finish. The Shiraz from Shoofly, hails from the Adelaide hills. Friendly on the palate it exhibits a nose of violets, plums, and blueberry. It has a ripe flavor with a smooth finish. El Coto de Rioja Crianza, is moderately dense dark red in colour. Ripe strawberry and raspberry nose with a note of vanillia. Palate is smooth, balanced, fresh, dry and clean.

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Settesoli/Mandrarossa – Sicily

Cantine Settesoli’s wines have the typical character of Mediterranean wines: intense and delicate aromas, crisp and harmonic taste. The wines are obtained through the selection of the best grapes, exquisitely aromatic and ripened by the intense sunlight of Sicily and by a very favourable climate.  Extensive investment in advanced winemaking technology combined with the expertise of a distinguished team of five full-time winemakers has resulted in an outstanding line of wines that capture the flavours, essence, and mystique of  Sicily.

Arpeggio Catarratto - Ht 190 px BQ INYCON Nero D'Avola - h190 BQ Inycon Nero d'Avola Appassimento h190 px B
Arpeggio Catarratto Inycon Nero d’Avola Inycon Nero d’Avola Appassimento

Mandrarossa “Costadune” Nero d’Avola ’14, Gold Mundus Vini 2016

Everything from Mandrarossa speaks of their dedication to quality.  At the beginning, before a single bottle was produced, the entire vineyard site was mapped for aspect, gradient and altitude, so that the ideal terroir for each varietal could be selected for planting.  Every harvest can be traced from grape to bottle.

The intense Sicilian sun, offset by cooling sea breezes, allows for reliable and extended ripening.  100% hand-harvested, grapes from each parcel are crushed and fermented separately to retain their individual and unique character and then each group is carefully blended for nuanced complexity with harmonious fresh flavours.

Mandrarossa Costadune Grillo H190 Mandrarossa Timperosse H190 Mandrarossa Cartagho H190
Mandrarossa “Costadune” Grillo Mandrarossa “Timperosse” Petit Verdot Mandrarossa “Cartagho” Nero d’Avola Single Vineyard

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