Flavours of boysenberry and bittersweet chocolate dominate when describing this Chilian classic, Secret Carmenere of the Secret Colchagua Valley. This one leads to a long rich finish. The Shiraz from Shoofly, hails from the Adelaide hills. Friendly on the palate it exhibits a nose of violets, plums, and blueberry. It has a ripe flavor with a smooth finish. El Coto de Rioja Crianza, is moderately dense dark red in colour. Ripe strawberry and raspberry nose with a note of vanillia. Palate is smooth, balanced, fresh, dry and clean.

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Les Vignerons du Sommièrois

Domaine de la Pinède Blanc ‘14, Gold Concours des Grands Vins de Languedoc-Roussillon 2015

Domaine de la Pinède Rouge ‘13, Gold Concours de la Cooperative 2015

Occupying 700 ha of prime Languedoc vineyard terroir in the heart of Sommierois township we’ve got some beautiful Pay d’Oc wines. Sommières is the AOC Languedoc’s most easterly vineyard. Located in the far north-east of the AOC Languedoc area, ‘Sommières’ is the only Appellation based entirely in the Gard. It forms a circle of some 20 kms in diameter to the west of Nîmes and is crossed by the Vidourle river. The ‘Sommières’ terroir enjoys a Mediterranean climate with wide temperature variations; the gusty Mistral wind is responsible for the incredible sunshine. There are strong sea breezes too, with squalls reaching the Cevennes. AOC ‘Sommières’ land parcels originate in the secondary and tertiary eras. There are hard and soft limestone pebbles, as well as calcerous clay, scree covered slopes and silica based clay.  The area benefits from an excellent southern exposure, creating wines that are a great expression of their terroir.

Domaine de la Pinede red h190 Domaine de la Pinede white h190  
Domaine de la Pinède rouge  Domaine de la Pinède blanc
Bio red - h190 Bio white - h190
 Esprit ‘BIO’ IGP
Pays d’Oc rouge
 Esprit ‘BIO’ IGP
Pays d’Oc blanc

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